Why choose this programme?

Do you wish to acquire knowledge and analytical skills in order to analyse the many different aspects of conflicts in the world today? Do you want to work with conflict prevention, policy-making, or go into the field of research on peace and conflicts? Then the Master's Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies might be something for you.

About the Master's Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and conflict studies aim at answering a wide range of questions about the causes of conflicts and the conditions for peace. How has warfare changed over time? How does the distribution of power among states affect the likelihood of inter-state war? Are democratic states more peaceful than authoritarian states?

Why choose peace and conflict studies? 

  • The Programme provides you with skills and knowledge to study and analyse the multifaceted nature of peace and conflict.
  • The programme has a strong focus on methods and empirical analysis.
  • You will be given lectures and guidance from top researchers in the field of peace and conflict research.
  • We cooperate with other important research institutions, such as PRIO, IFS, NUPI, Fafo
  • You can do an internship as part of your degree.
  • You can do field work related to you master's thesis.
  • The small number of students allows for more attention to each and a close knit, collaborative environment.

Student life

  • You will be part of a small class and an intimate study environment. 
  • Your fellow students are highly skilled and motivated students from around the world.
  • You have a student council that constantly works for a social and good learning environment.
  • Read more about student experiences here

Career prospects

The master's programme in Peace and Conflict will make you highly attractive in both public and private sector. You can apply for jobs within sectors and institutions like:

  • Government agencies, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • International organisations, such as the UN and NATO.
  • NGOs and aid organisations
  • Research institutions
  • Media
  • The programme qualifies for the PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences.


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