Career opportunities

Candidates with a master's degree in philosophy work in many different industries, and with assignments that require both the ability to familiarize themselves with complex issues and good skills in written and oral presentation. Such tasks are related to analysis, consulting, case processing, teaching, training and pedagogical work, research, editorial tasks and journalism.

Former students at work

  • wiig-hans-t-200x213 Web editor

    The subject-specific and substantial elements of the philosophy programme have a significant bearing on how I understand my role as a facilitator of communication, says Hans T. Wiig, who is a web editor for Drammen municipality.

  • halvorsen-simen-rommetveit-200x266 Information Adviser

    Philosophy is a subject that involves investigation, reflection and writing, and these are the skills that I primarily use in my job as senior adviser in the Ministry of Education and Research, says Simen Rommetveit Halvorsen.

Most relevant industries

Master's graduates from Philosophy work in these industries:
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The term The arts* covers the following industries: Archive, library and museum sector and Arts, culture and creative industries.

The term Business* covers the following industries: IT, ICT, internet and telecom, Banking, finance and insurance, Consulting and business services and Oil, energy, power and gas.

Start developing your career

You can write your master's thesis in cooperation with an external partner. Through this you can get valuable contacts and network that can be useful when you apply for a job after graduation. You can also prepare for working life along the way by participating in career fairs, job search and interview workshops, and career counseling offered to students.

Further studies

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