Career opportunities

With a Master's degree within physics didactics you will become attractive for teaching and communication positions in schools, higher education, public management, business and media.

With this academic background you are able to work with textbooks and other academic literature, academic websites or software used in education.

You can be employed within the information sector, training and education in science museums, media, companies or organizations. Graduates in the field of Physics Education Research have also pursued further academic endeavours with PhD-studies and positions within educational research, the oil industry and environmental organizations.

Please note that a Master's degree in Physics with programme option Didactics Physics will not replace the requirement of practical pedagogical education (in Norwegian). This will have to be done in addition in order to secure a permanent teaching position in schools.

From studies to employment

The Career Services can provide:

  • Career counseling
  • Help with your CV, cover letter and preparations for the job interview

The Career Services at UiO

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