Semester fee refunds

Due to the transition to a new finance, payroll and personnel system at UiO, the processing of student refunds will take longer than normal. We thank you in advance for your patience, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can apply for a refund of the semester fee if you have:

  1. paid too much to UiO
  2. paid the semester fee to another student organisation in addition to SiO (UiO department)
  3. paid the semester fee but will not be studying at the University of Oslo in the current semester after all. In this case you must ensure that any exam registrations are withdrawn, and give notice that you have stopped the study program or been granted leave of absence.

Use the application form below. Note that UiO only refunds the semester fee, the Kopinor fee and overpayments. UiO does not refund the SAIH contribution (NOK 40). If you have paid the SAIH contribution and want it refunded, please see SAIH's refund page.


The application deadline in connection with point 3 is 1 September for the autumn semester, and 1 February for the spring semester. Applications in connection with point 2 are granted for the current semester only, that is, until 31 January (autumn semester) and 31 August (spring semester), i.e., as long as the UiO semester receipt is valid. Applications in connection with point 1 may be made at any time.

The semester fee is not transferable from one semester to another.


If your application is granted, you will not be notified. After we have forwarded the granted application internally for payment, it may take up to 3-4 weeks before the money is transferred to the account number you entered on the application form.

Application form for a refund of the semester fee

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