Payment of the semester fee from abroad

Use the payment information from UiO, i.e. account number, new KID number and the total amount to be paid. The KID number identifies the payer. If paying from abroad, the KID number must be written on the bank transaction, for example in the comments or message area.

  • Electronic IBAN for account no. 7694 05 11093 (the semester fee account) is NO3376940511093
  • The bank’s BIC (SWIFT) is DNBANOKK
  • The bank’s name is DNB
  • The bank’s address is no longer used. IBAN and BIC replace this.
  • If you pay the semester fee from abroad, it may take up to three weeks from when payment was arranged to when it is registered in UiO’s student system. Your bank may charge a fee for transfers from abroad.

Payments using digital banking services

Please note that payments using digital banking services such as Wise or Revolut or similar can be rejected if the bank cannot verify the ID of the payer.

We are unaware of specific payments being made using PayPal, and so cannot confirm if this is a successful method of paying the semester fee or not.

Most students paying the semester fee from abroad do so via a bank transfer. As long as the KID number is included on the transaction, bank transfers are often completed within a few days.

Published June 8, 2010 9:33 AM - Last modified Apr. 27, 2021 11:10 AM