Documentation requirements - Italy

Required education:

Diploma dell' esame di Stato conclusivo dei corsi di istruzione secondaria superiore (since 1999) + 3 years university education OR Diploma di maturità (until 1998, classica, scientifica, linguistica, tehnica, professionale and 5-year magistrale) + 3 years university education

Documents to be uploaded:

All applicants must upload scanned copies of their supporting documents into the application portal, please name your uploaded files as suggested in the tables below.

Required document Description
Copy of passport or ID card

Please note that only a copy of the ID-page is required. The passport must be valid for at least six months after your departure from Norway.

Name the pdf file passport or idcard

Documentation of name change (if applicable)

Documentation of name change must be uploaded if your name appears different in any document.

Name the pdf file namechange

Documentation of English language proficiency

Documentation of English language proficiency must be documented by an internationally recognised English language proficiency test:

Please note that a proficiency certificate from your university does not cover the English language requirement.

Name the pdf file english.

Secondary education

Required document Description

Secondary credentials

A scanned copy of the original diploma/certificate must be uploaded (e.g. Diploma di superamento dell'esame di stato conclusivo degli studi secondari superiori, IB -Diploma).

Name the pdf file secondary.


If the language of the original document is not English, an official translation made by an authorized translator must be uploaded. Please note that the original language version must always accompany the translation.

Name the pdf file secondary-transl.

Higher education

Required document Description

Final bachelor's degree diploma including Diploma Supplement

A scanned copy of the original document(s) must be uploaded. A Diploma Supplement cannot substitute the actual diploma/certificate, but should accompany the diploma. We do not accept digital diplomas, as we are not able to digitally verify these. Thus the Diploma must bear non-digital signatures and be issued by your university.

Name your pdf file(s) bachelor / master.

Transcript of records (Certificato di iscrizione/ Enrolment certificate)

A scanned copy of the original document must be uploaded.

Transcripts (Certificato di iscrizione) must be issued and stamped by the Area Segreterie e Servizi agli Studenti/Area Gestione Didattica. An original transcript must feature at least one of the following security elements: It must be printed on the university’s security paper (e.g. with microprint, watermark or hologram) and/or it must carry the original stamp and the original signature of the Registrar.

Please note that we do NOT accept: transcripts signed only by the applicant (autocertificazione/dichiarazione), even if this procedure is common in Italy; screenshots from online student information accounts or electronic transcripts.

You must also submit separate transcripts for courses/modules from other institutions included in your degree, such as exchange semesters, transfer credits or in cases of admission to a bachelor’s program due to advanced standing.

If you hold a master's degree you should also upload a transcript of records for your master's degree.

Name your pdf file(s) bachelortranscr / mastertranscr.

Courses to be completed

Are you completing your degree/relevant courses in the same semester as the application deadline?

Within the application deadline you must upload:

  • a list of the courses you are registered for this semester with the expected date for completion. You still have to document your higher education completed to date, as described under the header "higher education".

If you are admitted you must submit your final transcript and diploma before the start of the program. If you have not received your diploma yet, you must upload a confirmation from you educational institution stating that you have obtained a degree.

Only applicable for Nordic and EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens and applicants with a permanent or renewable residence permit in Norway.

Name the pdf file course-completion


If the language of the original document is not English, an official translation made by an authorized translator must be uploaded. Please note that the original language version must always accompany the translation.

Name your pdf file(s) bachelortransl / mastertransl.

Statement of purpose and CV

Required document Description
Statement of purpose

Your statement of purpose should be one page, typed, double spaced (max. 400 words). Tell us why the course is important to you, how it helps you fulfill future goals or how it relates to your current studies or employment. Briefly state your personal qualities that make you a good representative of your country.

Applicants to Norwegian Levels 3 and 4 must write their statement of purpose in Norwegian.

Name the file statement

CV Name the file cv

Scholarship form and letter of recommendation (for scholarship applicants only)

Required document Description
ISS scholarship form

Download, complete the scholarship form, and upload it in the Application Portal. Eligible scholarship applicants will get the scholarship form when they apply.

Name the file scholarship


Letter of recommendation

You should submit one letter of recommendation from a person who is not related to you by blood or marriage. The referee should give information regarding your character, intellectual ability and seriousness of purpose. The letter should be written on official letterhead and must include contact information for the reference person. The letter should come from your professor, lecturer, headmaster, or your employer.

Name the file recommendation

Norwegian documentation (for Norwegian language courses levels 2-4 only)

Required document Description
Norwegian language

Applicants to Norwegian language levels II, III or IV should submit a copy of transcripts or test scores of previous Norwegian courses or exams.

For scholarship applicants to Levels II, III or IV, recommendations from a teacher or employer must be written on official letterhead.

If you have not taken any formal courses, simply explain how you have learned Norwegian in your statement of purpose.

Name the file norwegian

Important about documentation:

  • Upload documents preferably in PDF or JPG format in the online application portal (Søknadsweb) by the application deadline.
  • When uploading documents, you acknowledge that the University of Oslo may contact the issuing institution for verification.
  • Submission of fraudulent documents is illegal, and will be reported to the proper authorities and may lead to dismissal and loss of right to study. You are liable for uploading true and unaltered documents.
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected.

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