Uploading documents

Guidelines to uploading documents

  • Problems uploading documents in Google Chrome and Safari? Please try Edge or Firefox. 
  • Upload scans of the original documents, i.e. the documents given to you by the issuing institution.
  • The preferred document format is PDF. We also accept JPG files.
  • Do not upload ZIP or other compressed files as these cannot be opened in our document viewer.
  • Submit only what is requested. Submitted documents that are not requested, will not be taken into consideration, and will only complicate the evaluation of your application.
  • Scanned documents must be clear and legible. They must appear "right-side up" when seen in a standard document viewer. Also make sure that the entire document, including the reverse side, is included in the scan (for example: the transcript supplement, which is often on the back side of the transcript).
  • Documents consisting of several pages must be scanned together into one document.
  • You can upload all your documents now or later, but within the application deadline.
  • If you have previously applied in "Søknadsweb", in some cases you may be able to see your old documents. They cannot be removed.

How to upload documents

  • Open your application home screen.
  • Click "My Documents" to upload documents.

My applications

My documents

  • This site allows you to see your uploaded documents.
  • Are you a returning applicant, you might see old documents here

Uploading documents picture

To upload

  • Click "Choose new document" to upload. Choose what kind of document you want to upload. Copies of passports, statement letters, and other documents that does not fit in other categories, may be submitted under "Letters".


The result

  • You will find your documents and the possibility to delete and change them under "My documents" later.
  • As a general rule, can you see your documents, we can see them too.


Published Oct. 7, 2016 10:37 PM - Last modified Nov. 23, 2021 3:42 PM