Attendance Policies at ISS

Because of the intensive nature of the program, ISS has strict attendance policies for all summer courses.

  • Daily attendance is required in all courses. Attendance is registered in class every day.
  • Students are expected to be present on the first day of classes. Absence is only excused in cases of illness or emergency.
  • The student must inform the teacher in advance about any unavoidable planned absence. This makes it possible to discuss how the student can independently work through material that is discussed in class during the absence. The teacher should note any arranged absences.
  • In case of unforeseen absence (for example, due to illness), the student must inform the ISS Office or their teacher as soon as possible. This type of absence will also be noted.
  • When a student is unexpectedly absent two days within one week, the ISS Office will attempt to contact the student to find out the reason for absence. Students, however, are ultimately responsible for fulfilling their attendance obligations.
  • Admission to take the final exam in all courses requires a minimum attendance of 75 percent (the absence may not exceed 25 percent regardless of the cause).
  • Scholarship recipients are required to attend  all classes and take exams. Absence without good reason is not acceptable.
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Published Oct. 7, 2016 10:35 PM - Last modified Oct. 13, 2020 9:40 AM