Academic guidelines for the International Summer School

In general, ISS adheres to the same academic rules and regulations as outlined by the University of Oslo. However, some rules are different, especially in terms of attendance and course changes. 

Attendance policy

You must attend a minimum of 75 percent of your course to take the final exam. Daily attendance is required for all courses.

Policy for adding or dropping courses

The ISS has adopted an add-drop policy to accommodate its transient student body.

How to order transcripts

Please note, you need your UiO username and password to order a digital transcript, keep this information when you leave Norway. It is only possible to order a paper transcript without username and password.  

Examinations at UiO

  • Time and place for exams
  • Special arrangements, illness and withdrawal
  • Conducting exams
  • Handing in assignments
  • Exam results
  • Explanations and appeals