The ISS takes place during six intensive weeks. Instruction is concentrated, so daily attendance is required in all courses. Attendance is registered in Fagpersonweb every day.

Mandatory attendance requirement

Admission to take the final exam in all ISS courses requires a minimum attendance of 75% of all class periods. That is, absence cannot exceed 25%, but in special cases the ISS Director may allow an excess to occur.

Course leaders must make sure students understand that attendance is a prerequisite for taking the final examination.

Attendance registration

Attendance is registered in Fagpersonweb in class every day. The course leader register attendance here every day. If the course leader wants a course assistant to take attendance, please contact Karoline Niklasson.

The digital registration of attendance can be done in Fagpersonweb until 1 week after the class took place. You will still get a list of your students the first day of class. A guide on how to take attendance is found here . To get access to Fagpersonweb you have to log in with your UiO username and password. The application is available through a computer, mobile phone and a tablet.

Short introductions to the attendance registration application are given June 22 at the kick-off and June 25 at 14:30 in computer lab 241 in Helga Engs hus.

Students who are not listed in your class are not allowed to be in the classroom, unless the student has a note from the ISS Office. Do not allow a non-registered student to “sit in” on a class. Send the student to the ISS Office, as all course changes must be approved by the ISS Office.


It is important that course leaders notify the ISS Office immediately if students are absent more than two days, so that the ISS Office can attempt to contact the student.

In case of acute illness or other legitimate absence, students may request admission to the final examination or a transcript of grades/attendance despite of the fact that they did not meet the minimum attendance requirement. Requests for examinations and transcripts in such cases must be submitted in writing to the ISS Office prior to the examination date. The ISS Director determines whether or not the student is entitled to sit for the final examination and/or receive a transcript.

In the case of unforeseen absence, students must notify the ISS Office or the course leader as soon as possible. The type of absence will be noted on the attendance sheet, either by the course leader or by the ISS Office. The ISS Office will attempt to contact students that are unexpectedly absent for some time.

Attendance requirements for final examinations

In order to take the final examination, all ISS courses require a minimum attendance of 75%.

Candidates who fail to meet for the final examination will not receive a new opportunity to take the exam. No exams are offered after the final examination day of the summer.

Scholarship students are obliged to attend classes and take the final examination. Absence without valid reason is not acceptable. Similarly, self-financed students who for some reason do not take the exam will only receive a Certificate of Participation if they attend at least 75% of the class periods.

Obligatory assignments

Admission to take the final examination is also dependent on the student completing all required course work for the course. Obligatory course work may include assignments or term papers.

Students must be informed about all obligatory assignments during the first week of classes.

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