Evaluation and grading


All ISS coursesare accepted for credit towards a degree at the University of Oslo. The amount of credits per course can be found in the course description.

Up to 40 ISS credits can be used as elective credits or as credits in approved programs at the University of Oslo.

The evaluation of candidates shall follow the guidelines stated in the course description and the information given to the students in the first week of classes.

Multiple examination parts

If the course in question contains several examinations, their weighting and influence on the total grade shall be given in detail, and students are entitled to be informed of their grade on each individual examination part.

Class participation

For some courses, class participation is given a percentage influence on the total grade. Students are not informed about their "grade” in class participation because this cannot be appealed or re-taken. In reality, class participation merely works to adjust the final grade in cases where the course leader/examiner is uncertain about the final grade.


The grading system is based on ECTS (European Transfer Credit System). Read UiO's general, qualitative descriptions of the criterias used in the assessment of examinations.

Converting ECTS credits

The ECTS grading scale can create problems for students who wish to transfer credits earned at the ISS to a U.S. college or university.

U.S. grading scale

The U.S. grading scale consists of only 5 letters (A, B, C, D and F, with D as the minimum passing grade). Therefore, the letter grades in the two systems are not precisely equivalent to each other.

This can be especially problematic because many U.S. colleges and universities will not transfer credit for grades below C or for courses graded on a pass/fail basis that are earned at other institutions.

Transcript supplement

In order to avoid misunderstandings the ISS sends a transcript supplement explaining the ECTS scale and its implications along with the transcripts.



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