RITMO Career Development Programme

All early career researchers at RITMO benefit from a structured career development programme.

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The career development programme will help the recruits to build skills and experience that are relevant and valuable both within and outside academia, and enable them to document these skills in a systematic way. Each recruit will be assigned a personal career mentor (in addition to their academic supervisors), who will help them to map their career goals and make a personalised career development plan. The career mentors will be RITMO faculty members working within relevant disciplines.

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The core of the Career Development Programme is formed by 6 themed workshops that take place during Tour de RITMO retreats. The workshops themes will repeat every 3 years, with one workshop per semester. In addition, the mentors will help recruits to acquire relevant skills (see ‘Focus areas’ below) through more specific courses and practical experience, depending on the individual needs of each recruit.  

Time management and Career planning Time management and Career planning
Team and collaboration skills; ethics at the workplace Team and collaboration skills; ethics at the workplace
Project management Project management
Obtaining funding Obtaining funding
Dissemination and presentation skills Dissemination and presentation skills
Alternative career paths Alternative career paths; careers outside academia

Focus areas

Academic communication skills

  • Academic writing (Academic English) Academic Writing/Academic English
  • Presentation skills
  • Popular dissemination for research/social media for researchers

Research funding

  • Knowledge about funding opportunities within
    and outside academia
  • Grant application writing

Other academic skills

  • Teaching
  • Supervision
  • Reviewing papers
  • Academic editing
  • Data management

Transferrable skills

  • Time management
  • Team skills
  • Networking skills
  • Ethics at the workplace
  • Project management
  • Administrative experience


  • Tailored according to individual needs
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