Research Infrastructure at RITMO

RITMO has a world-class research infrastructure based on the combined infrastructure resources of the involved departments.

Image from the fourMs Lab


  • fourMs Lab: motion capture (Qualisys), physiological sensors (Delsys), multi-channel audio/video recording, multi-channel audio playback
  • ROBIN: rapid prototyping facilities, 3D printers (Connex 500, Fortus 250mc and Ultimaker 2+), laser cutter (Epilog Zing 24) and milling machines (ISEL ICP 4030 and Protomat S62)
  • FRONT Neurolab: EEG, fMRI

Available equipment

In addition to the equipment in the above-mentioned labs, there is also a large pool of equipment available:

  • Mobile motion capture systems (Optitrack, Xsens)
  • Mobile physiological sensing (Delsys, Mega, Zephyr, Sweetzpot)
  • Mobile eye trackers (SMI, Pupil Labs)
  • Video cameras and lighting systems
  • Audio recorders and microphones
  • Audio measurement devices
  • Musical instruments, standard and experimental

Additional labs and studios

RITMO researchers also have access to shared infrastructures at UiO, including:

  • 3T Phillips MRI scanner with 32-channel head coil, two well-equipped 64-channel Biosemi EEG systems, one 32-channel EEG system for use together with the MRI scanner.
  • Atlas high-speed 256-channel EEG with intracranial electrodes.
  • Five rooms equipped with a standardised behavioural experimental setup (Psychotoolbox and E-Prime2).
  • Recording and mixing studios
  • Music rehearsal rooms


RITMO has developed an extensive e-infrastructure in collaboration with University Center for Information Technology.

  • Large, secure data storage
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with hardware graphics support
  • Access to UiO’s large-scale data storage and supercomputing facilities.
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