Talks and Posters

All the talks and posters presented at RPPW 2021.

Name Title Category
Caroline Palmer and Alexander Demos, Explaining entrainment and synchrony with predictive coding and dynamical systems Talk
Troby Ka-Yan Lui, Jonas Obleser and Malte Wöstmann Exploring the temporal rhythmicity in distractor suppression Talk
Edward Large and Ji Chul Kim, Resonance, synchronization, and entrainment: What, why, and how? Talk
Dobromir Dotov, Abraham Betancourt, Jorge Gámez and Hugo Merchant Neural resonance in the primate premotor cortices during the motor preparation stage of a synchronization task with discrete periodic stimuli Talk
Mattia Rosso, Marc Leman and Lousin Moumdijan Neural entrainment meets behavior: the stability index as a neural outcome measure of auditory-motor coupling Talk
Benjamin Morillon and Arnaud Zalta, Prominence of delta oscillatory rhythms in the motor cortex and their relevance for auditory perception Talk
Jonathan Cannon and Aniruddh Patel, The shared predictive roots of motor control and beat-based timing Talk
Maja Foldal, Sabine Leske, Alejandro Blenkmann, Tor Endestad and Anne-Kristin Solbakk Attentional modulation of alpha- and beta oscillations during perception of auditory rhythms – an EEG study Talk
Fleur L. Bouwer, Johannes J. Fahrenfort and Heleen A. Slagter Neural entrainment underlies beat-based, but not pattern-based temporal expectations in rhythm Talk
Tomas Lenc, Peter E. Keller, Manuel Varlet and Sylvie Nozaradan Selective enhancement of metric periodicities in brain response to naturalistic music: reproducibility and transformation beyond low-level auditory processing Talk
Anna Fiveash, Simone Dalla Bella, Reyna Gordon and Barbara Tillmann The multidimensionality of rhythm: Separable components of rhythmic abilities Talk
Anna Kasdan, Fabrizio Pizzagalli, Alexander Chern, Alyssa Scartozzi, Andrea Burgess, Sonja Kotz, Stephen Wilson and Reyna Gordon Identifying a brain network for musical rhythm: A functional neuroimaging meta-analysis and systematic review Talk
Reyna Gordon, Else Eising, Maria Niarchou, Research Team, Genlang Qtl-Gwas Working Group, Lea Davis, Nancy Cox and Simon Fisher Examining shared genetic architecture between musical rhythm and language traits Talk
Olivia Xin Wen and Molly Henry, Characterizing individuals’ oscillator flexibility: An online slider paradigm for temporal extrapolation Talk
Harjo de Poel, Dobri Dotov, Marije Harmsen, Liset van der Hulst and Claudine Lamoth Synchronizing to adaptively variable oscillations Talk
Lauren Fink, Prescott Alexander and Petr Janata The influence of metronome adaptivity and auditory feedback on group tapping Talk
Thomas Kaplan, Jonathan Cannon, Lorenzo Jamone and Marcus Pearce Modelling entrainment as continuous bayesian inference using learned rhythmic prototypes Talk
Manuel Anglada-Tort, Peter Harrison and Nori Jacoby REPP: A robust cross-platform solution for online sensorimotor synchronization experiments Talk
Zachary Lookenbill and Leigh Vanhandel, Effect of metrical primes on perceived complexity of 2:3 and 3:4 polyrhythms Talk
Alexandre Celma-Miralles, Cecilie Møller, Jan Stupacher and Peter Vuust Neural entrainment to an ambiguous polyrhythm within distinct metrical contexts Talk
Erica Flaten and Laurel J Trainor, Waltz or march? Evidence for infants’ top-down meter processing of an ambiguous rhythm Talk
Prisca Hsu, Emily Ready and Jessica Grahn The effects of music training, dance training and Parkinson's disease on beat perception and production abilities Talk
Aleksandra Koprowska, Maja Serman, Torsten Dau and Jeremy Marozeau Training synchronization with musical beat to improve speech perception in individuals with hearing loss Talk
Olivia Boorom, Valerie Muñoz, Camila Alviar Guzman, Christopher Kello and Miriam Lense Hierarchical acoustic structure during parent-child interactions of toddlers with typical development and autism spectrum disorder Talk
Marc Leman, Co-regulated timing in music ensembles: a Bayesian listener perspective Talk
Carlos Eduardo Cancino-Chacón, Silvan Peter, Emmanouil Karystinaios and Gerhard Widmer Towards quantifying differences in expressive piano performances: Are Euclidean-like distance measures enough? Talk
Alan Wing, Ryan Stables, Mark Elliott, Maria Witek and Massimiliano Di Luca Synchronisation in a virtual quartet. Talk
Nori Jacoby, Rainer Polak and Justin London Extreme precision in rhythmic interaction is enabled by role-optimized sensorimotor coupling: Analysis and modeling of West African drum ensemble music Talk
Guilherme Schmidt Câmara, George Sioros and Anne Danielsen Mapping timing and intensity strategies in drum-kit performance via hierarchical clustering and phylogenetic visualizations Talk
Fred Hosken, The perception and discrimination of different musical “feels” Talk
Toni Amadeus Bechtold and Maria A.G. Witek, That’s a different type of groove! – How musician’s strategies change groove experiences Talk
Connor Spiech, Bruno Laeng, Georgios Sioros, Anne Danielsen and Tor Endestad More than meter's the eye: Divergent roles of pickups and syncopation in groove Talk
Elodie Augier, Naila Boudiaf and Christian Graff From sperm-whale clicking to human finger-tapping: Etho-mimetics of active reception rhythms Talk
Niels Chr. Hansen, Carolyn Ee, Peter Vuust and Peter Keller Oxytocin effects on sensorimotor synchronization Talk
Thomas Wolf, Natalie Sebanz and Günther Knoblich The role of period correction and continuous input from a co-performer in joint rushing Talk
Ole Adrian Heggli, Ivana Konvalinka, Morten L. Kringelbach and Peter Vuust Self-other integration in rhythmic synchronization Talk
Michael Schutz and Fiona Manning, Moving to hear: Exploring the complex relationship between training, movement, and rhythm perception Talk
Yi Wei and Edward Large, Entrainment stability predicts melodic intonation therapy performance and reading fluency Talk
Sophie Scott and Kyle Jasmin, The neural basis of rhythm and sensorimotor co-ordination Talk
Courtney Hilton and Micah Goldwater, A metrical Stroop effect?: Misaligning meter with syntax disrupts sentence comprehension and sensorimotor synchronization Talk
Dana Swarbrick, Cagri Erdem, Finn Upham, Kayla Burnim and Alexander Refsum Jensenius The MusicLab App – Exploring the usage of mobile phones to measure audience movement and respiration Poster
Andrew Chang, Xiangbin Teng, M. Florencia Assaneo and David Poeppel Does the amplitude modulation of a sound determine its categorization as speech or music? Poster
Anne Danielsen, Martin Langerød, Kristian Nymoen and Justin London Genre expertise modulates timing perception and micro-level synchronization to auditory stimuli Poster
Cecilie Møller, Jan Stupacher, Alexandre Celma-Miralles and Peter Vuust Beat perception in polyrhythms: Units of time come in pairs Poster
Ji Chul Kim and Edward W. Large, A canonical modeling framework for rhythmic movement coordination and learning Poster
Jonathan Cannon, Bayes-optimal rhythm perception Poster
Julien Laroche, Alice Tomassini, Luciano Fadiga, Antonio Camurri, Gualtiero Volpe and Alessandro D'Ausilio Driving the rhythm « head on »: violinists' intra-body coordination depends on their inter-body coupling within the orchestra Poster
Kathryn Franich, How we speak when we speak to a beat Poster
Kjell Andreas Oddekalv, Verses in verses – convergent and divergent metrical structure in rap flows Poster
Nicolas Pironio, Diego Fernandez Slezak and Martin Miguel Evaluation of pulse clarity models on multiple datasets Poster
Rebecca Schaefer and Benjamin Schultz, Tapping skills in the elderly: Associations with musical behaviors but not hearing abilities Poster
Rebecca Scheurich, Ella Sahlas and Caroline Palmer Mechanisms underlying musician’s enhanced auditory-motor synchronization flexibility Poster
Sinead Rocha, Adam Attaheri, Aine Ni Choisdealbha, Perrine Brusini, Sheila Flanagan, Natasha Mead, Panagiotis Boutris, Samuel Gibbon, Helen Olawole-Scott, Christina Grey, Isabel Williams, Henna Ahmed, Emma Macrae and Usha Goswami Infant sensorimotor synchronisation: A longitudinal analysis of the first year of life Poster
Torbjörn Gulz and Andre Holzapfel, Synchronization in a jazz trio during Accelerando and Ritardando. Poster
Alexis Deighton MacIntyre and Sophie Scott, Listeners are sensitive to violations of natural speech breathing timing Poster
Ana Clemente, Frances Board, Marcus T. Pearce and Guido Orgs Hedonic judgment of audiovisual displays: Liking for complexity in dynamic sound and image sequences Poster
Christopher Corcoran and Klaus Frieler, The swing groove continuum: Analysing jazz soloists’ swing eighths using the Weimar Jazz Database Poster
Dongho Kwak, Music for cells: The human body as a rhythm machine Poster
Ece Kaya and Molly Henry, Individual differences in rhythmic entrainment and performance in temporal contexts requiring rapid adaptation Poster
Joshua Hoddinott and Jessica Grahn, Neural representations of rhythm and beat perception Poster
Lana Delasanta, Dobri Dotov, Edward Large and Laurel Trainor Adapted Kuramoto model successfully captures group drumming variability Poster
Olivier Lartillot and Mats Sigvard Johansson, Automated beat tracking of Norwegian Hardanger fiddle music Poster
Olivier Senn, Dawn Rose, Toni Bechtold, Lorenz Kilchenmann, Florian Hoesl, Rafael Jerjen, Antonio Baldassarre and Elena Alessandri Preliminaries to a psychological model of musical groove Poster
Rolf Inge Godøy, Impulse-driven rhythm objects Poster
Sara D'Amario, Anna Niemand, Werner Goebl and Laura Bishop Changes in rhythmic body motion in highly-trained piano-singing duos Poster
Tzu-Han Zoe Cheng and John Iversen, Individual differences in spontaneous motor tempo correlate to neural responses in sensorimotor synchronization task Poster
Yuka Saito and Jun Kawahara, Beat patterns determine inter-hand differences of synchronization error in a bimanual coordination tapping task. Poster
Zachary Melton, Roger Chaffin, Kayleigh Kangas-Dick, Kerry Marsh and Alexander Demos Does interpersonal liking lead to dyadic synchrony? Poster
Adrian Simen Holm, Maja Dyhre Foldal and Tor Endestad Temporal statistical learning and individual differences in rhythm perception Poster
Anders Friberg, Torbjörn Gulz and Claes Wettebrandt Tempo-aware tools for modelling swing timing in a jazz ensemble Poster
Birgitta Burger and Clemens Wöllner, Keep the beat. Time-keeping in case of a professional drummer Poster
Eniko Ladanyi, Catherine Bush, Youjia Wang, Tiffany G. Woynaroski, Miriam D. Lense and Reyna L. Gordon Relationships of infant vocabulary development with parent musicality, rhythm skills and home music environment Poster
Francesco Ganis, Sofia Dahl, Guilherme Schmidt Câmara and Anne Danielsen Beat precision and perceived danceability in drum grooves Poster
George Sioros, A dynamic time warping method for the classification and quantification of expressive timing relations in musical signals Poster
Haley Kragness, Idila Yogeswaran and Laura Cirelli Children’s social attributions of synchronous movers Poster
Jan Stupacher, Cecilie Møller, Alexandre Celma-Miralles and Peter Vuust The bass lays down the beat in polyrhythms Poster
Laura Bishop, Alexander Refsum Jensenius and Bruno Laeng Musical and bodily predictors of mental effort in string quartet music: An ecological pupillometry study of performers and listeners Poster
Leigh VanHandel, Zachary Lookenbill, Gerardo Lopez and J. Devin McAuley Rhythmic complexity and tempo anchoring effects in tempo determination Poster
Min Li, Dominic Ward, Ryan Stables, Chua, Howe, Quinn and Alan Wing Synchronising with a violin duet Poster
Signe Hagner, Cecilie Møller and Peter Vuust A bodily hierarchy of rhythm performance – effects of musicianship Poster
Tristan Loria, Aiyun Huang, Tara Henechowicz and Michael Thaut Kinematic motion analysis of marimba performance: Rhythmic and spatial control of sound producing movements in experts and trainees Poster
Valentin Begel, Alexander P. Demos and Caroline Palmer Delay-coupled modeling of spontaneous rate differences in turn-taking synchronization in social contexts Poster
Aleksander Tidemann, Olivier Lartillot and Mats Johansson Interactive tools for exploring performance patterns in hardanger fiddle music Poster
Anastasiya Paltarzhitskaya, Perception of music duration: the effect of familiarity Poster
Daniel Cameron, Chantal Carrillo and Laurel Trainor Does the relationship between rhythmic complexity and groove change over development or with expertise? Poster
Emily A. Wood, Dobromir Dotov, Andrew Chang, Dan Bosynak, Lucas Klein and Laurel Trainor Group synchrony increases but information flow decreases as a string quartet learns unfamiliar music together Poster
Haley Kragness and Laura Cirelli, Tiny Dancers: Investigating auditory-motor development in home-recorded musical movements Poster
Jeremy Marozeau and Tanmayee Pathre, The effect of rhythmical pattern in the musical preference of cochlear implant users. Poster
Jorg De Winne, Paul Devos, Marc Leman and Dick Botteldooren Rhythm as a way to entrain people’s attention Poster
Mari Romarheim Haugen and Anne Danielsen, Influence of tempo on non-isochronous note duration pattern in a performed samba groove Poster
Matt Moore and Molly Henry, An exhaustive search for twelve-unit metrically ambiguous rhythms Poster
Heidi Bliddal, Christian Bech Christensen, Cecilie Møller, Peter Vuust and Preben Kidmose Neural correlates of beat perception measured using ear-EEG: Bringing EEG music studies into the concert hall Poster
Noam Lederman, Simon Holland and Paul Mulholland A principled approach to the development of drum improvisation skills through interaction with a conversational agent Poster
Ragnhild Brøvig-Hanssen, Bjørnar Sandvik and Jon Marius Aareskjold-Drecker Slow attacks, peculiar accents, and pumping grooves: perceptual interaction between timing and intensity in music production Poster
Srishti Nayak, Daniel Gustavson, Youjia Wang, Jennifer Below, Reyna Gordon and Cyrille Magne Validation of a novel speech rhythm perception test: convergence with musical rhythm and language and reading difficulties Poster
Xinyue Wang, Birgitta Burger and Clemens Wöllner Tempo-manipulated biological motion: From kinematics to perception Poster
Alexis MacIntyre, Ian Cross and Sophie Scott Task irrelevant auditory metre shapes visual-motor sequential learning Poster
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