N-place: telematic études for physically distant networked music performance

A network performance between Oslo, Stockholm, and Berlin during RPPW 2021. Three musicians explore a shared physical-virtual stage using motion capture and spatial audio.

Recording of Live Stream


About the Performance

N-place is a first step in exploring the possibilities of a novel system for distributed spatial audio performances with gestural control. Three locations - one in Oslo, Norway, one in Berlin, Germany and one in Stockholm, Sweden - are merged to a single virtual acoustic environment through a low latency audio network. Each node is equipped with a motion capturing system, allowing the musicians to control the acoustic environment through movement. This technical setup results in extended possibilities for telepresence, embodiment and shared agency. The three musicians modulate the general perception of proximity and distance in an improvisation, facing changing system configurations. The online audience is recommended to use stereo headphones as the audio in the live streaming is encoded in a binaural rendering.

Concept and Production

N-place is a project initiated by Federico Visi (Luleå University of Technology), Henrik von Coler (Technical University Berlin), and Stefano Fasciani (University of Oslo).

The project is realized through a collaboration between TU Studio (TU Berlin), GEMM (LTU) and RITMO/IMV (UiO). The Berlin Open Lab at UdK Berlin supports the project by providing the laboratory and the infrastructure for the rendering server. Mixing and spatialization is realized by the SPRAWL system of TU Studio, based on SuperCollider and JackTrip for audio transmission.

  • GEMM Team: Federico Visi, Robert Ek, Stefan Östersjö
  • TU Team: Henrik von Coler, Paul Schuladen, Nils Tonnätt
  • UiO Team: Stefano Fasciani, Pedro Lucas Bravo, Alexander Refsum Jensenius


Oslo - Guy Sion is a jazz saxophonist based in Oslo, Norway. He released two albums under his name and performed extensively in various musical settings and across musical genres. His passion for improvisation and his interest in technology has brought him to develop a system which offers harmonic interaction between monophonic instruments and machine through musical phrase to scale recognition.

Berlin - Trummerschlunk (Klaus Scheuermann) performs slow techno that immerses into a modular synthesizer-driven soundscape and invites to a sci-fi inspired journey toward big questions and amorphous feelings. In real life, Klaus Scheuermann is a Berlin-based mix- and mastering engineer with almost 20 years of experience in jazz and electronic music.

Stockholm - Robert Ek has, as a clarinettist, specialized in contemporary music as a chamber musician and soloist. With great curiosity and dedication, he works together with composers to develop the repertoire for his instrument. He has recorded around 20 records and premiered many works as a soloist and chamber musician. Since 2007 he is a member of the acclaimed ensemble Norrbotten NEO, the country's only ensemble with a national mission to work with contemporary music. 


    Thanks to Roberto Bresin (KTH, Stockholm), Olof Misgeld (KTH, Stockholm), Adrian Benigno Latupeirissa (KTH, Stockholm).


    University of Oslo, Luleå University of Technology and Technical University Berlin
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