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Mobile phone +47 973 97 965
Visiting address Forskningsv. 3A Harald Schjelderups hus 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1133 Blindern 0318 Oslo

Research Project

Dongho joined the Artificial Biomimetic systems - the Niche of Islet Organoids (ABINO) project in January 2020 as a PhD candidate at the University of Oslo. In this convergence environment project between RITMO, HTH, and CCSE, Dongho's main objective is to create controllable audio stimuli for mechanical/acoustic-based perturbations for stem cell differentiation. Currently, the key focus is on developing different types of audio stimuli based on the frequencies and rhythms generated from the heartbeat pulses and respiratory patterns of the human body.


As a music technologist, Dongho has experience in digital audio signal processing, live & studio recording, live sound engineering, and sound design. He is interested in the complexity of how the human body processes information from the external environment, for example, the complexity of the human auditory perception and how human perception of loudness is subjective. In an attempt to clarify his curiosity in the subject, the focus area of his master's thesis was in the field of human auditory loundess perception and its possible impact on the consumption of popular music. He is also a classically trained flautist and percussionist, and played in various orchestras and bands. Apart from his interests in sound and music, he is also interested in law and has been studying through UNISA, which he completed 240 credits towards an LLB degree (bachelors of law).

  • LLB, University of South Africa (2017-2019)
  • MMus, Music Technology, University of Pretoria (2016)
  • Music Mind and Technology, exchange programme, University of Jyväskylä (Autumn 2012)
  • UTLM, Teacher's Licentiate in Flute, University of South Africa (2011)
  • BMus, Flute Performance/Music Technology, University of Pretoria (2011)


  • Best sound design & animation music (Thuli) at M-Net VUKA TAG Award (2011)

Academic achievement

  • Postgraduate bursary at the University of Pretoria (2012-2013)
  • Academic honorary colours at the University of Pretoria (2012)
  • Academic achievement bursary at the University of Pretoria (2011)
  • Pretorium Trust bursary (2011)
  • The Chris Jungnickel Scholarship for academic achievement at the University of Pretoria (2010)

Positions held

  • Recording studio and lab assistant, University of Pretoria (2014-2015)
  • Part-time lecturer, Music Technology (MCS 302), University of Pretoria (2014)
  • Tutor for Music Technology, University of Pretoria (2013)
  • Audio-Visual technical assistant, Mosaïek (2013)
  • Tutor for Aural Training, University of Pretoria (2010)
Tags: Music Technology


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