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PhD Fellows

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Merve Akca Akca, Merve Stipendiat Music Cognition, Music Psychology, Musical Memory, Multisensory integration
Picture of Olgerta Asko Asko, Olgerta Doctoral Research Fellow Cognitive neuroscience, prediction, EEG, predictive coding
Picture of Guilherme Schmidt Câmara Câmara, Guilherme Schmidt Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93 26 92 71 Microtiming, Empirical Musicology, Groove, Rhythm Analysis, Music Cognition, Audio Perception, P-Center Studies
Picture of Cagri Erdem Erdem, Cagri Stipendiat +47-41320109 Music Technology, HCI, Machine Learning, Improvisation
Picture of Julian Fuhrer Fuhrer, Julian Doctoral Research Fellow Synthesis, Simulations, Neurocomputanional Principles
Picture of Heidi Marie Umbach Hansen Hansen, Heidi Marie Umbach Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Henrik Herrebrøden Herrebrøden, Henrik Doctoral Research Fellow Cognitive Psychology, Mental effort, Attention
Picture of Ulf A. S. Holbrook Holbrook, Ulf A. S. Doctoral Research Fellow Composition, 3D sound, Sound installations, Music Technology, Music Cognition, Sound Theory, Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Signal Processing, Programming
Picture of Seyed Mojtaba Karbasi Karbasi, Seyed Mojtaba Doctoral Research Fellow +47 452 32 489 Robotics, Rhythmic Movements, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Motor Control
Picture of Dongho Kwak Kwak, Dongho Stipendiat +47 973 97 965 Music Technology
Picture of Qichao Lan Lan, Qichao Doctoral Research Fellow Live Coding, Deep Learning, Music and Motion, Music Technology, Music Programming, SuperCollider
Picture of Kjell Andreas Oddekalv Oddekalv, Kjell Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47 95761557 Music Analysis, Popular Music, Music Cognition, Microtiming, Musicology
Picture of Martin Peter Pleiss Pleiss, Martin Peter Stipendiat +47 45563473 Phenomenology, Aesthetics, perception, Game Studies, virtual reality, orientation, meaning-making, art
Picture of Bjørnar Sandvik Sandvik, Bjørnar Stipendiat Popular Music, Music Technology, Music Analysis
Picture of Sandra Solli Solli, Sandra Doctoral Research Fellow +47 452 55 323 Music Cognition, Cognitive Psychology, cognitive neuroscience, Music Technology, Psychoacoustics, Acoustics
Picture of Connor Spiech Spiech, Connor Doctoral Research Fellow connor(DOT) Music cognition, rhythmic entrainment, groove, predictive coding, cognitive neuroscience
Picture of Dana Swarbrick Swarbrick, Dana Doctoral Research Fellow music, cognition, neuroscience, psychology, movement, entrainment, synchrony, pleasure
Vrasdonk, Atilla Juliana Stipendiat
Picture of Benedikte Wallace Wallace, Benedikte Doctoral Research Fellow Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Music and Movement
van Otterdijk, Marieke Researcher