Data and research output

  • Date: 23 November 2017
  • Location: University of Oslo

Data contents

Maximum root mean square values from the recorded EMG data were computed in order to normalize against baseline EMG data collected during the panel discussion ("no music" condition).

  • RMS window length = 0.125s
  • RMS window overlap = 0.0625s

EMG data is originally sampled at 2000 samples / second


  • Vol1_P1_1_Exrpt: Excerpt from piece 1. Data collected from second 6 and until second 56 of the first piece.

  • Vol2_P2_1_Exrpt: Excerpt from first segment of piece 2. Data collected from minute 02:02 and until minute 03:01 of the second piece.

  • Vol2_P2_2_Exrpt: Excerpt from last segment of piece 2. Data collected from minute 12:42 and until minute 13:13 of the second piece.

Research output

The concert experiment resulted in a conference paper:

Sanchez, V. G., Żelechowska, A., & Jensenius, A. R. (2018). Muscle activity response of the audience during an experimental music performance. Proceedings of the Audio Mostly 2018 on Sound in Immersion and Emotion, 1–4.

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