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NordicSMC - Nordic Sound and Music Computing network

NordicSMC is a network project aimed at develop sound and music computing research excellency in the Nordic countries.

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About the project

The Nordic Sound and Music Computing Network (NordicSMC) brings together a group of internationally leading sound and music computing researchers from all five Nordic countries, from Aalborg University, Aalto University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, University of Iceland, and University of Oslo.

The constellation is unique in that it covers the field of sound and music from the «soft» to the «hard», including the arts and humanities, the social and natural sciences, and with a high level of technological competency.


NordicSMC provides a common vision and common research guidelines in the field of Sound and Music Computing research. The network will have the following overall outcomes:

  • consolidation of the Nordic sound and music research domain;
  • increase Nordic competitiveness in the sound and music research domain in the international context;
  • consolidation of sound and music research agendas in specific sub-domains that are considered of societal importance (such as auditory displays, sound and music interaction, musical information retrieval and data mining in large (musical) sound collections)

The network will produce scientific results, foster research and education collaborations among the partners, and contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship in related industries.

More information

NordicSMC web page at Aalborg University Copenhagen

Tags: Sound, Music, Musicology, Computing, Informatics
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