The Nordic Sound and Music Computing Day

A day filled with presentations of activities in the NordicSMC network.

People testing sensors


Presentation details

SESSION 1: Sound design 13-13:30

  • Derek Holzer: Sounds of Futures Passed: Media Archaeology and Design Fiction as NIME Methodologies
  • Silvin Willemsen: Physical Modelling of Musical Instruments for Real-Time Sound Synthesis and Control
  • Prithvi Kantan: Design of musical feedback for post-stroke movement rehabilitation. 
  • Adrian Benigno Latupeirissa: Mediating Postphenomenological Relations in Human-Robot Communication With Sound

SESSION 2: Spatial sound and virtual acoustics 13:45-14:15

  • Dana Swarbrick: Measuring the virtual concert experience: Surveys, social connection, and motion
  • Michael McCrea: Acoustic scene analysis and source extraction using sector-based sound field decomposition across multiple high order microphones
  • Finnur Pind: Wave-based virtual acoustics 
  • Riccardo Miccini: A hybrid approach to structural modeling of individualized HRTFs

SESSION 3: Music and cochlear implant 14:30-14:50

  • Elvar Atli Ævarsson: Enhancing the music listening enjoyment of cochlear implant recipients
  • Razvan Paisa: Vibrotactile augmentation of music for postlingual cochlear implant users 

SESSION 4: Spatial sound and virtual acoustics 15:00-15:20

  • Ulf Holbrook: The landscape and topographical questions in spatial audio
  • Karolina Prawda: Towards more accurate estimation of room acoustic parameters
  • Joel Lindfors: Spatial speaker correction

SESSION 5: Musical applications 15:30 -16:00

  • Claudio Panariello: Adaptive Behaviour in Musical Context
  • Çağrı Erdem: Who Makes The Sound? Agency, Surprise and Embodiment in Performing Music with Artificial Musical Intelligence
  • Qichao Lan: Glicol: Graph-oriented Live Coding Language Written in Rust

About NordicSMC

The Nordic Sound and Music Computing Network brings together a group of internationally leading sound and music computing researchers from all five Nordic countries, from Aalborg University, Aalto University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, University of Iceland, and the University of Oslo.


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