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Self-playing Guitars

The Self-playing Guitars is a platform for exploring the meeting point between acoustic and digital sound production in a collection of self-playing instruments.

The Self-playing Guitars exhibited at Sentralen in Oslo during Ultima 2017.

The Self-playing Guitars exhibited at Sentralen in Oslo during Ultima 2017.

Platform Description

The self-playing guitars are focused on the meeting point between digital and acoustic sound making. Each of the guitars is equipped with a micro-computer, which produces electronic sound through an actuator placed on the back of the guitars. There are no external speakers; all the sound generation is coming from the vibration of the acoustic guitars.

Scientific Research

The self-playing guitars form the basis for various types of scientific research into sensors used for detecting people's motion, digital sound generation, and mappings between action and sound. Since each guitar is self-contained and runs on battery power, it can be easily moved around. As such, they are part of RITMO's "out-of-lab" experimentation.

Artistic Research

Through various types of public performances and exhibitions, RITMO researchers explore the artistic possibilities of the self-playing guitars. This includes researching the differences between performing and perceiving an instrument. It also includes investigations of the differences between acoustic and electroacoustic instruments.

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