TIME Autumn 2017 Seminar: Timing and sound in groove performance

The aim of this second TIME seminar is to discuss research on microtiming and sound, and in particular the ways in which features of sound and timing interact in groove performance and production.

Through presentations of research from different music genres and cultures we seek to shed light also on how microrhythmic relationships vary from one musical tradition to another. The focus will be on musical analysis, aesthetics, qualitative interviews and observation studies. 


Please register for the seminar by Monday October 9th here.

The seminar is open to all students and staff.


09.30 - 12.30:

09.30 Anne Danielsen: P-centres and beat bins - an introduction to the TIME project

10.00 Christopher Stover: Big Beats—Gridless Beats—Unstable Matrices 

Coffee break 

11.00 Mats Johanson: A Multidimensional Model of Non-Isochronous Musical Meters

11.45 Mari Romarheim Haugen: Meter as Shape

12.30: Lunch


13.30 - 16.30:

13.30 Ragnhild Brøvig-Hanssen and Bjørnar Sandvik: Dynamic Range Processing’s Influence on Perceived Timing

14.15 Chico Santana: Playing together in the Samba Batucada

Coffee break

15.15 Juan Diego Diaz Meneses: Measuring Rhythmic Complexity in the West African Standard Pattern

16.00 Closing discussion

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