Official opening of RITMO

RITMO had its official opening November 15th, which was celebrated with an entire week of workshops, showcases and international panels.

Photographer: Annica Thomsson

Many of the international visitors attended the Motion Capture (MoCap) Workshop for three full days, but the big event was still the opening on Thursday last week. Leaders of the RITMO center, Anne Danielsen and Alexander Jensenius, received many congratulations, as well as words of excitement and expectations for the Centre of Excellence (CoE). The following day, the researchers of the center met with their Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

“I think the opening went very well. It was also very nice to have so many international experts visiting throughout the week, during the MoCap Workshop and in our meeting with the SAB board,” says Jensenius.

The TIME project was strongly represented by those of our researchers who use MoCap in their work. Many of these contributed with presentations and participation in panels throughout the week.

RITMO leader Anne Danielsen, who is also leader of the TIME project, was further congratulated with being the only female leader in this fourth round of CoEs in Norway. She comments:

“It was an intense, but very good week for RITMO, with a great combination of workshops with international participants and the official opening. We also received many great advise from the board.”

As we catch our breaths after a hectic week, we are proud to say that RITMO is officially up and running.

By Elise Måsvær
Published Nov. 21, 2018 1:10 PM - Last modified Dec. 19, 2019 3:54 PM