Transformation (2009-2011) (completed)

Transformation was an artistic research project exploring the use of realtime motion capture in violin performance. 

Violinist on stage.

Victoria Johnson performing Transformation at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

The aim of the project was to develop a hardware and software setup that would let a violinist perform freely on stage while controlling live electronics. The project ended with the composition and performance of the piece Transformation, which was performed in several public settings. The technical setup for the piece is based on a video-based motion tracking system developed in Jamoma, coupled to the playback of sounds using concatenative synthesis in CataRT. Below is a recording from the last performance: 


The piece has been performed, in different versions, at the following locations: 

  • Norwegian Opera & Ballet on 26 November 2009
  • National library of Norway on 4 February 2010
  • Norwegian Academy of Music on 3 September 2010
  • Norwegian Academy of Music on 28 March 2011


Tags: music, performance, video analysis, jamoma, catart
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