AudioAnalysis is a small program for displaying the spectrum and spectrogram of incoming audio in realtime. It also provides realtime analyses of various perceptually relevant features.

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The Jamoma GDIF tools are developed for recording and playing back GDIF files based on the SDIF format.

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The MoCap Synthesiser is a set of generic tools for making real-time motion tracking devices into musical instruments, including the SoundSaber. One feature extraction module and two sound modules are included.

Mocapgrams are helpful tools for visualising a longer segment of mocap data. They allow easy visualisation of recurring patterns and periodicities in the mocapdata, and interconnectivity between markers.

MuMYO is a musical instrument prototype

MuMYO is a musical instrument prototype, aimed to investigate the use of the MYO armand with various instrumental actions.

Motiongram display

The Musical Gestures Toolbox (MGT) is a collection of tools for creating visualizations of video files. The toolbox was primarily developed for music researchers, but is also used for sports, dance, healthcare, architecture, and interaction design.

How can you best edit a video file for analytical usage? In the following, we will go through some editing principles and look at relevant software.

Sonification is the process of turning data into sound. Here we look at some video sonification strategies.

VideoEditor is a minimal video editing application for doing basic trimming, cropping, rotating and colour adjustments to a video file. Nothing more, nothing less.

VideoMix is a software for mixing and projecting videos in real time. The software allows simple sound-video interaction, face recognition, and some basic video editing.