AudioAnalysis is a small program for displaying the spectrum and spectrogram of incoming audio in realtime. It also provides realtime analyses of various perceptually relevant features.

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The Jamoma GDIF tools are developed for recording and playing back GDIF files based on the SDIF format.

The MoCap Synthesiser is a set of generic tools for making real time motion tracking devices into musical instruments. One feature extraction module and two sound modules are included.


Mocapgrams are helpful tools for visualising a longer segment of mocap data. They allow easy visualisation of recurring patterns and periodicities in the mocapdata, and interconnectivity between markers.

VideoEditor is a minimal video editing application for doing basic trimming, cropping, rotating and colour adjustments to a video file. Nothing more, nothing less.

VideoMix is a software for mixing and projecting videos in real time. The software allows simple sound-video interaction, face recognition, and some basic video editing.