Front Neuro Lab

Information Security Management System (LSIS)

LSIS is a collection of the documents about how UiO handles information security (LSIS). UiO uses color classification technique to understand secrecy of the data. UiO have outlined data storage guideline based on color classification.

Storage and collaboration

At FrontNeuro lab we generally use storage hotel knows as lagringshotell. The lagringshotell is a solution to store large amount of data based upon UiO colour classification as mentioned in LSIS. The information about storing the data with different colour classification is available at storage loaction webpage (In norwegian). Please contact Rahul Agrawal to get access for FrontNeuro Lab lagringshotell. Kindly avoid using personal laptops to store the reserach data.

Data Post-processing Resource at UiO

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is technolgy which give the users access to a virtual computer with software and processing power they need. Access to VDI is done via "Pools" VDI pool overview. Please contact Rahul Agrawal to get access for the desired pool. You can find the tutorial on how to install and use VDI. You can mount lagringshotell storage drive to the VDI to avoid working on perosnal laptops.

General information on Research Data Management(RDM)

It is very important to organize the data generated during the project, you can read more about how to organise the on RDM webpage. We are planning to have detailed information about data management plan in the future, till then you can read more about best practices in RDM