Teaching plan

This course is structured in blocks with teaching approx. twice a week, and periods for self study in between blocks.

Teaching: Tuesdays 10.15-12.00, HW 609; Thursdays 10.15-12.00, GS 5

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
18.08.2009Elise Kleivane  Henrik Wergelands hus HW 609  Introduction  Reading from Gylfaginning
20.08.2009Self study       
25.08.2009EK  HW 609  Pronuciation. Linguistic history  Read Michael Barnes pp. 1-21 and 39-46. More from Gylfaginning
27.08.2009Self study       
01.09.2009Self study       
03.09.2009EK  Georg Sverdrups hus, seminar room 5  Inflection. Nouns  Read MB pp. 22-59. Reading from Gylfaginning
08.09.2009Nina Gram Garmann  HW 609  Inflection. Pronouns  Read MB pp. 60-76. Reading from Íslendingabók
10.09.2009NGG  GS 5  Inflection. Grammatical overview.  Read MB pp. 77-114. Reading from an Icelandic family saga. 
15.09.2009NGG  HW 609  Adjectives  Reading from Konungs skuggsjá. Distribution of texts for presentations. 
17.09.2009Self study       
22.09.2009Self study      Group work, prepare presentations 
24.09.2009Self study      Group work, prepare presentations 
29.09.2009Self study       
01.10.2009Self study       
06.10.2009NGG  HW 609  Verb inflection  Read MB pp. 131-180. Reading saga text.  
08.10.2009NGG  GS 5  Presentations  Presentation of texts 
13.10.2009      Self study 
15.10.2009NGG  GS 5  Verb inflection, prepositions, conjunctions  Read MB pp. 181-222. Reading law.  
20.10.2009NGG  HW 609  Verb inflection and syntax  Read MB pp. 223-260. Reading charters.  
22.10.2009NGG  GS 5  Eddic poetry  Reading from an eddic poem 
27.10.2009NGG  HW 609  Scaldic poetry  Reading from a scaldic poem. Distribution of texts for presentation. 
29.10.2009Self study      Group work, prepare presentations 
03.11.2009Self study       
05.11.2009Self study      Group work, prepare presentations 
10.11.2009Self study  HW 609    Group work, prepare presentations. 
12.11.2009Self study.  GS 5     
17.11.2009NGG  HW 609  Presentations   Presentations of texts 
19.11.2009NGG  GS 5  Summing up  Preparing for the exam 

This teaching plan may be subject to changes.

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