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NORINT0112 – Norwegian for international students, level 1, part 2

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Course content

Strong emphasis on oral activity. Practice i.e. Norwegian sounds that are considered especially difficult. Grammar: verbs (past perfect, regular/irregular), adjectives, nominals, presentation sentences. Topics/vocabulary: topics related to study situation, living conditions, tourist attractions, vacationing; expressions of wishes, opinions, feelings.

Learning outcome

Students should be able to read, speak, and write about topics mentioned above.


This subject is open to international students at the University of Oslo, and students who have been admitted to attend Norwegian courses. International students will get information about how to sign up for courses when they arrive in Norway. Persons who are not students at UiO, can apply for admission to Norwegian courses here


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Students must be eligible for matriculation and must have passed NORINT0111 – Norwegian for international students, level 1, part 1 (discontinued)or equivalent.

Overlapping courses

5 credits overlap with NORINT0110 – Norwegian for International Students, Level 1


NORINT0112 consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction. More and more teaching will be given in Norwegian as the course progresses.Conversation exercises, listening exercises/dictations, and exercises in morphology and syntax are included. Written assignments are to be handed in each teaching day. For students wishing a higher progression, an intensive course over one semester covering NORINT 0110 (0111, 0112 and 0113) and 0120 is offered. The intensive course consists of 12 hours of classroom instruction pr week for 14 weeks.

Only students who are placed in a class are allowed in the class room.

NB! All Norwegian courses have obligatory attendance of 75% of the lessons.

Access to teaching

A student who has completed compulsory instruction and coursework and has had these approved, is not entitled to repeat that instruction and coursework. A student who has been admitted to a course, but who has not completed compulsory instruction and coursework or had these approved, is entitled to repeat that instruction and coursework, depending on available capacity.


Spring 2006:

Portfolio assessment

Assignments are evaluated by the teacher, who also assesses the student’s participation and oral abilities. At least 3 assignments are to be written in class, preferably in the last half of the course. These assignments make up the portfolio. They should include dictation, essay and grammar. At least 2 of the assignments are grounds for the teacher’s final assessment. The portfolios will be awarded the grades pass/fail.

Autumn 2006:

A two-hour examination during the last part of the course. The examination consists of a dictation, grammar questions and an essay.

Examination support material

No examination support material is allowed.

Language of examination

The paper must be written in Norwegian.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

Explanations and appeals

Resit an examination

Withdrawal from an examination

It is possible to take the exam up to 3 times. If you withdraw from the exam after the deadline or during the exam, this will be counted as an examination attempt.

Special examination arrangements

Application form, deadline and requirements for special examination arrangements.


The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.


Maximum 20 students.

NORINT0112 offers credits to exchange students and is also the second third of a complete level 1. Moreover, level 1 is the first of a total of three courses that international students accepted as regular degree students are required to take.

Norwegian courses up to a maximum of 40 credits, can be used as part of a degree at the University of Oslo for international students.

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Spring 2007

Not offered autumnterm 2007.

Replaced by NORINT0114


Spring 2007

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