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ENG4312 – The Harlem Renaissance

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This course will examine a representative selection of texts from the period in U.S. and African American literary history known as the “Harlem Renaissance,” which had its origin and major phase in Harlem in the 1920s. The seminar will have both a thematic and formalist focus in that it will consider, on the one hand, the particular themes of the literature of this period and, on the other hand, how these themes are communicated through genres such as poetry, the novel, the short story, and the essay. Not surprisingly, one such theme will be the experience of race in the United States and particularly the combination of a subjugated or minority racial status with an oppressed or inferior gender identity and/or sexual identity.

Learning outcome

Students will develop detailed knowledge of an important period in American literary history. They will also develop an ability to analyze literary texts that deal with gender, race, and sexuality.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

For studenter utenfor litteraturprogrammet kreves det at man har minst 20 sp engelskspråklig litteratur, engelsk språk eller kulturkunnskap.


The course is taught throughout the semester with 2 hours per week, 28 hours in all. Half-way through the semester there is a period of one (autumn term) or two (spring term) reading weeks without teaching, to be used for individual study and work on assignments. The students are supposed to attend the course regularly


Students will give an oral presentation (pass/fail) on a given topic and work on a term paper of abt. 10 standard pages, that may later form a part of their master’s thesis. The written work will be graded on a scale where A to E are passing grades and F is a failing grade.


Med et noe utvidet pensum vil emnet telle 15 studiepoeng i gammel studieordning

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Autumn 2003. Thereafter announced at least one year in advance.


Autumn 2003. Thereafter announced at least one year in advance.

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