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ENG4318 – Postmodernism in American Fiction

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This course attempts to explore the many ramifications of the complex concept of literary postmodernism, the way it is expressed by some of the most influential American authors during the period 1965 to 2001. Against the background of the five novels on the reading list, we will discuss central terms like “the death of Truth,” “the loss of Self,” “language as a construction of reality,” meta-fiction, and intertextuality. An attempt will also be made to show how some of the most important postmodern concepts are traceable in other areas of culture than literature during this period. The course will also deal with significant developments in the literary criticism of the period (e.g., post-structuralism and deconstructionism), but such theories will be explored as a part of the textual analyses rather than as ends in themselves.

Learning outcome

The course will try to give the students a reasonably sophisticated understanding of postmodernism as a literary term and cultural phenomenon in the United States during the period 1965-2001. It will also emphasize the many significant differences between the syllabus authors within the postmodernist framework. Additionally, the course aims to develop the students’ critical and analytical abilities in their meeting with central novels from our own time.


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