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ENG4326 – Shakespeare's History Plays: Political Myth, Historiography and Dramatic Form

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This course is devoted to Shakespeare's second tetralogy, four history plays ( Richard II, 1 Henry IV, 2 Henry IV, and Henry V ) in which the upheavals in England 1398-1422 are represented in light of contemporary political themes that preoccupied the playwright and his audience. Shakespeare's generic and dramatic experiments are considered in relation to his exploration of various traditions in political thought and historiography.

Learning outcome

To develop knowledge of Shakespeare's history plays and appreciation of their generic and thematic variety. To develop the critical skills necessary for studying the history plays and for examining relevant scholarship.


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Minimum 3 and maximum 15 students.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

No obligatory prerequisites beyond the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway.


The course is taught throughout the semester with 2 hours per week, 28 hours in all. There is a mid-term break (one week in autumn term, two weeks in spring term) during which the students are expected to prepare obligatory assignments and otherwise study on their own. The students are supposed to attend the course regularly.


Each student will be required to give an oral presentation (pass/fail) on a given topic and produce a seminar essay (length: 10 standard pages) which may serve as preparatory work for a masters thesis. The seminar essay will be assessed on a marking scale from A to E (pass marks) and F (failing mark)

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Autumn 2004


Autumn 2004

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