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JOUR3421 – Trends in international journalism

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The course will discuss the challenges facing international journalism. It will deal with the paradox of that on the one hand journalism in all media seem to be more influential than maybe ever before, on the other hand journalism everywhere seem to be under attack for not fulfilling its obligations.

Theoretically the course will be based on a discussion of the role of journalistic media in relation to democratic politics. Among others: What are the social consequences of journalistic activity for individuals, groups and institutions? What role does journalism play in liberal democratic societies? How have changes in technology and the advent of rolling news programmes affected contemporary journalistic practice? And what are their relationships with their institutions, the owners who control those institutions and the politicians who seek to regulate them?

The course will analyse news values, journalistic genres and discourse, and the institutional framework of journalism in various parts of the world - Europe, The US, Africa.

Learning outcome

The course provides basic understanding of central issues facing international journalism. The course aims to develop critical discussion skills during the seminar sessions.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

No obligatory prerequisites beyond the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway.

Overlapping courses

As of the spring semester of 2006, this course will be given as a 10 ECTS course with the code JOUR3422


Lectures (2x14h) and seminars (2x14h) Students are expeted to participate actively in during seminar discussions.


Take-home examination of a given topic of approx 20 pages of 2300 characters (without space). Duration 3 days. Letter grades A – F, F is fail.

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Spring 2005


Spring 2005

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