Students shall compose their own reading list of 800-1000 pages. This reading list shall include at least:

1. One master thesis of your own choice (approx. 100 pages). Master theses are electronically available on 

2. One book about writing academic texts/how to write a master thesis. Choose between:

3. One book about media studies. Choose between:

  • Scannel, P. (2007) Media and Communication. London: Sage (290 pages)
  • Ytreberg, E. (2008) Hva er medievitenskap? Oslo: Universitetsforlaget (142 pages)

4. Self-selected literature needed for writing your term paper (between 400 and 600 pages). The self-selected literature must include a minimum of 5 journal articles. 

5. Guidelines for research ethics in the social science, law and the humanities.


6. Research ethics guidelines for Internet research.


7. Wikipedia article on citation

8. Description of one citation style, see Sources and referencing on Søk og Skriv

Other helpful resources:


We also recommend:

Maasø, Arnt: Bachelorboka. Oslo, Universitetsforlaget, especially part 2.

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