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JOUR4332 – Massmedia in transition Societies. The Baltics as a case.

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The course begins with an introduction to the various theoretical concepts of societal transitions and the changes of society-media relationships. It will then focus on the role of the media in the democratisation process and building up civil societies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The three Baltic republics were the first among the 15 Soviet republics to declare their political independence and sovereign statehood, while still being parts of the Soviet Union and having the Soviet army on their territories. Estonia was the first to declare her sovereignty on November 16, 1988. This moment has been considered by some authors as the starting point of the further disintegration of the Soviet empire. There will also be discussions on various aspects of the media development in the transition societies: changes in the ownership structure and the media markets, legal and self-regulation, journalistic culture and the conventions and professional ideology of journalists. Guest lecturers from Latvia and Lithuania will be invited.

Learning outcome

To enlarge students’ understanding of the society-media relationships and especially broaden their knowledge of the transition processes in society and the media.


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Bachelor Degree in Media Studies or Journalism.


Lectures and seminars.


Term paper approx. 25 000 characters (with spaces).ECTS-grades.

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Spring 2004.


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Spring 2004.

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