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MEST3520 – TV- theory

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Course content

The course provides an introduction and overview over key theoretical contributions within the area of television research. It is focused round a sustained attention to these key texts, their epistemological premises, modes of argumentation and influence in the area of television theory and analysis.

Learning outcome

Key learning aims:

  • providing knowledge of and insight into a fragmented and complex theoretical terrain in a relatively early stage of formation,
  • transmitting an ability to discuss and contextualise key texts.


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Recommended previous knowledge

Presuposes a basic academic knowledge of textual and critical theory, equvalent to that provided for instance in Jeremy Butler (2002) Television: Critical Methods and Applications. Mahwah (NJ): Lawrence Erlbaum.


Teaching the course is done:

  • through introductory lectures,
  • through groups that prepare presentations on the key texts.


Evaluation is done on the basis of a term paper of 2500 words (+/- 20%) that discusses the contribution of one key text in light of a selection of other relevant texts. Letter-grades.

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Spring 2005


Spring 2005

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