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MEVIT4217 – Discourses of censorship: a historical and international perspective

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The course gives an overview of the historical development of the forms of censorship in different political systems. The mechanisms of the control over the public word within totalitarian regimes (esp. the Soviet Union) will be in the focus. The discourses of oppression, manipulation and hegemony, and various forms of resistance to censorship will also be discussed.

Learning outcome

Students obtain a broader view on the history of mass communication. They wil better understand the power mechanisms that influence the media in a society. They will get specific knowledge about how the censorship mechanisms operate in totalitarian societies.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies or equvivalent.

Recommended previous knowledge

Knowledge of the history of mass media.


Lectures: 7 double academic hours over a period of 7 weeks. In a partly overlapping series of seminars students will make a short presentation (10-12 min) on self-chosen topics (confirmed by the teacher).


Home exam over a period of 3 days, maximum 10 normal pages.The course is graded with letters A-F.


The course is included in the Master's Programme in Media Studies and in Journalism.

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Autumn 2004


Autumn 2004

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