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MEVIT4328 – MEVIT4328 - Press Freedom in a World of Censorship

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The course will discuss the role of censorship in suppressing media freedom and in stifling democratization processes in general, in the context of the role that unfettered media can otherwise play in the process of political transformation in developing societies. Emphasis will be placed on the following fundamental aspects of censorship:

Social responsibilities of the media

Muzzling of the press by authoritarian regimes through censorship

Censorship and the ethics of journalism

Freedom of expression versus the right to privacy

Censorship and credibility of the media

Survival of media institutions through self-censorship

Press Freedom versus military censorship

Censorship of photographs

Censorship in the free world – case of the United States. Examples of media censorship discussed on a theoretical basis will be linked to comparative analyses. Examples cited for comparison will be drawn from Zimbabwe, where the teacher will have recourse to personal experiences with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) and other draconian laws. Other southern African countries, as well the United States and other western countries will also feature in discussion.

Participation of students in all discourse will be mandatory, in order for them to learn to discuss the causes, the consequences and the complex manifestations of media censorship. The course will have both a theoretical input and a practical analytical perspective. Coursework will develop the oral and the written skills of the students in both discourse and presentation.


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Admission as MA student.

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Teaching will take place throughout the semester. There will be 7*2 hours of lectures and 7*2 hours of seminars. The lectures will cover important issues and theories of the field. The seminars will provide an arena for focussed discussion of these issues and theories, and will also serve as a workshop for writing of term papers.


Home exam on a given topic over a period of 3 days. The submitted paper may be up to 10 pages (one page is calculated to 2300 characters without spaces), and may be written in English or Norwegian.

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