Marking Criteria

This list of grading criteria is used as a guide for examiners for grading courses at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights. 

Exams serve to determine to what extent students have reached the learning goals and acquired the knowledge and skills specified for the course in question. The reading list, lectures, seminars etc. are tools for achieving these ends. Exam answers will be evaluated accordingly, and, moreover, in line with the general criteria detailed below.

All criteria are to be included in the overall assessment. Each candidate is assessed individually with regards to the course's learning requirements; the active normal distribution curve is not implemented.

Course information 

Course code and name  HUMR5145 – Human Rights in Asia
Syllabus/achievement requirements  Spring 2019 
Formal prerequisite knowledge

Masters level course

You may register for this course if you have admission to a Master's programme at UiO.

Examination Written assignment with a maximum of 5000 words.
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Grading criteria 

In general terms, the following criteria are used when assessing the written assignment:

Scope and quality of research

  • Evidence of sufficient independent research to adequately address relevant issues for the assigned topic
  • Use of appropriate sources for topic
  • Awareness of any relevant issues arising from class readings

Construction of arguments

  • Logical flow of proposition(s) and evidence
  • Integration of concepts and evidence
  • Consideration of contrary positions

Analysis/critical thinking

  • Understanding of relevant concepts, through proper analysis of primary and secondary material
  • Reflection:
    • essay engages with the material
    • essay demonstrates independent thought
  • Conclusions are drawn, which follow from the analysis


  • Clear introduction, body-, and conclusion
  • Clarity of scope/delineation of scope of essay


  • Use of own words and terminology as appropriate
  • Grammar, sentence construction, paragraph structure etc.
  • Appropriate tone/voice – minimal verbosity

Format requirements

The default style requirements for essay style assessments in the Law School are included in the specific forms:

  • Assignments are typed and submitted electronically.
  • Assignments should be properly and adequately referenced.
  • Assignments should include both footnotes and bibliography. Failure to appropriately reference sources may amount to plagiarism and will be sanctioned.
  • Word limit for assignments is calculated by reference to all text in the assignment. This usually excludes the table of contents and the bibliography. The student must usually record the actual word count on the assignment cover sheet.

General qualitative description of valuation criteria

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail.


The assignment must be an overall good perfomance in most areas to recive a passing grade.

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