This course is discontinued

Dear all, This is to …

Dear all,

This is to inform you that the Declaration on the Right to Development will be given to you on the exam day, and will be available in the Examination room.

The Declaration can also be found in "Basic Documents on Human Rights", by Brownlie.

Auxiliary material in this course is the following:

  • (1) Brownlie, Ian and Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, eds., Basic Documents on Human Rights, 4th ed., Oxford: University Press, 2002
  • (2) ¿Folkerettslig tekstsamling¿ [Collection of public international law texts] by Buflod, Sannes and Aasebø.
  • (3) Declaration on the Right to Development (given out at the exam day from the Examination Office)

Please note that the rules are very strict if you want to make comments in the auxiliary material - (do not make any substantive notes of any kind that is not stated in the rules given below). Rules about the auxiliary material can be found here: (most relevant for you is perhaps pt 4 (Notations) and pt 5 (Copies and printouts):

Just some more information (some of you have got it already):

All exams goes as usual from 10:00 to 16:00.

The examination candidates must be present at 08.30 at the latest (90 minutes prior to the time the examination is scheduled to begin) so that the students auxiliary material can be inspected for notes.

The locations for the exams are not published yet. The Examination Office will publish them on the following webpages (and in Studentweb)at least one week prior to the exam date:

HUMR5701 - Human Rights and Development: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Theory and Practices: see link on left page (link: Examination/form of assessment -> Time and place).

Announcement of examination results: 15 June

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