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MARLINTRO – Maritime Law

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Note: This course will be given a new code from spring semester 2006, and you will find all relevant information JUR5401 – Maritime Law (discontinued)

Extensive coverage of the special liability rules that apply at sea, carriage of goods, contracts of affreightment and marine insurance. Other topics include contract practices, modern developments (such as electronic bills of lading), the relation to international law (IMO traties), organizational matters in shipping and traditional maritime law topics like salvage and general average.

This course in Maritime Law (MARLINTRO) corresponds with Maritime Law (JUTMARIT), the optional subject taught in English. Further particulars on teaching, exams, training goals and literature for this course in Maritime Law you will find under JUTMARIT – Maritime Law (discontinued).

MARLINTRO - Maritime Law, is intended for students attending the Master of Maritime Law. If you are accepted at this Master of Laws, you may use the code MARLINTRO when you enroll and register for exam.

Learning outcome

To give an introduction to Maritime Law, the study of legal rules applicable to shipping.


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To be allowed to take the exam in MARLINTRO - Maritime Law, you must be accepted at the Maritime Law (master's 1 1/2-years).


Formal prerequisite knowledge

No obligatory prerequisites beyond the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway.


Lectures, seminars and group work.


6-hour written exam.

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