Hello all,

for some unfathomable reason, many of the links disappeared when I converted the syllabus from Word to PDF. Here is a Google Doc version that seems to work:


IMPORTANT!!! This course does not have “group hours” as such - the group hours after lunch Thursday is what is referred to as “session two” in the syllabus. They are as compulsory as anything else in this course….


Aug. 25, 2021 5:37 AM

Dear all,

and welcome to the IN4270 Digital business development course.

Enclosed (at https://www.dropbox.com/s/m441091mkz7yrfx/Syllabus%20BusDev%202021.pdf?dl=0) you will find a starting syllabus (it will develop as we go along) for the IN4270 Digital business development class. Please note that you will have to prepare for the first class (starting this Thursday at 1015 in Auditorium Smalltalk) by watching a video, reading a few articles and two cases, one of which will need to be purchased as part of the first case package.

This course is case-based - read more about what that entails in the syllabus - and requires active participation from all students. It will be taught in parallel with the M.Sc. course GRA6834 Business Development and Innovation Management at BI Norwegian Business School.

Please also note that the course is demanding in terms of workload, time required (not least to discuss with fellow students, on line an...

Aug. 23, 2021 4:03 PM