This course is discontinued

Peer review of mid-term reports


We encourage you to read the other mid term reports - to learn more from the other projects.

The two groups: Inq and Journeyswipe perhaps could review each others’ reports, since you both chose to write your reports in Norwegian, and therefore language choice isn’t a barrier here :=)

Otherwise the rest of the groups may review each others reports according to the following structure suggestion:

Amuzing ↔ Bevy

Happytouring ↔ Lighthouse

Museumwanderer ↔ Quantified

Wasteless ↔ Amuzing

One way to give some feedback is to:

1. Write a couple of sentences in your own words what the project is about.

2. Describe 3+ positive comments, i.e. what you like - and what you would like to see more of.

3. Describe 3+ critical comments, i.e. what you suggest could be done to improve the report/project.

If you want to give feedback to more than one other project, you are of course welcome to do so.

The feedback is to be provided before Wednesday 21 October, 23:59:59.

Good luck

Jo and Hani



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