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Development and maintenance of large software systems with focus on project management, estimation, requirements specification, system architecture, object oriented analysis and design, testing, validation, configuration management, version handling, quality assurance, measurements and process improvements. The course also discusses evaluation of techniques and methods in software development, and shows how research studies can be used in the improvement of industrial software development.

Learning outcome

The course gives an overview of techniques and methods within central parts of software development and maintenance, and shows how to evaluate and compare such techniques and methods.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

INF1010 – Object oriented programming (continued) /INF101

Overlapping courses

10 credits INF3120 – Software engineering (discontinued), 10 credits IN219


4 hours of lectures a week in the first half of the semester (last half doesn't have lectures) and two hours of group work a week. Submission of compulsory exercises is required.


A three-hour written exam. Graded marks.

Resit an examination

This subject does not offer new examination in the beginning of the subsequent term for candidates who withdraw during an ordinary examination or fail an ordinary examination. For general information about new examination, see /studier/admin/eksamen/sykdom-utsatt/mn/index.html and


Note that the first lecture is compulsory. The subject is regarded equal to IN219 and INF3120 when practicing exam regulations.

Course Auditor: Yngve Lindsjørn/Kirsten Ribu

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Autumn 2006

Autumn 2005

Autumn 2004

Autumn 2003

The course is held for the last time autumn 2006. A new related course is INF5500 – Empirical methods and evidence-based decisions in software development (discontinued).


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