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INTHE4103 – Methods in Intervention Epidemiology: With a focus to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes

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The course will cover the areas with the concepts and principles of epidemiological research with a special focus on interventional design, clinical trials, intervention, and data analysis. The methodological challenges will be exemplified in the context of developing intervention strategies to prevent type 2 diabetes in the context of developing and developed countries framework.

Learning outcome

Learning outcomes

A comprehensive introduction to the process of disease measurement including the epidemiological concepts will be elaborated in the light of case and causation discussion. Study design in medical research with a focus on intervention strategies by means of controlled clinical trial, and scientific method, and also follow-up studies with health education intervention design for process and outcome evaluation will be addressed in different countries context (developing vs. developed). Randomized clinical trial and methods of randomization including sample size determination will be attended in the course of structuring research design. Mathematical models for the analysis of cohort studies and intervention outcome will be covered. Confounding and bias will be discussed during the process of making inferences and mathematical models to control for the uninhibited. Attributable risk analysis will be performed in order to measure the health benefit in an interventional study.


Open for M.Phil students at Internasjonal health, other students at the University of Oslo, students at other University in Norway and abroad, and non student.

For people outside the university system how want more information about this courses or are interested to apply, please contact Department of General Practice and Community Medicine before 1. December for registration and/or more information.


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