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ERN4221 – Molecular Nutrition

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Presentation and discussions on frontier subjects in protein, lipid, and carbohydrate biology.

  • Mechansims by which nutrients can execute their biological effects
  • Methods in studies of molecular nutrition - from single atoms to intact Organisms.
  • All the "omics" genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and
    metabolomics, biostatistics
  • Lipids - types, synthesis, secretion and degradation
  • Lipids - functions and interaction with nutrients
  • Lipids and diseases - CVD, obesity & diabetes
  • Signal transduction and regulation of body weight
  • Glycoconjugates - types, synthesis, secretion and degradation
  • Glycoconjugates - functions and interaction with nutrients
  • Glycoconjugates and diseases - diabetes, CVD & musculo-skeletal diseases
  • Advanced glycated end products.

Learning outcome

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Bachelors Degree in Nutrition or equivalent.


4 presentations (mappeevaluering) and 2 written tests of 30 questions each.

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