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ECON1920 – Environment and resources

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The course provides an introduction to principles for the efficient allocation of environmental and resource goods, and problems related to the environment and resources relevant to both wealthy and poorer countries. The following themes are covered; welfare effects of environmental changes and how these are valued; efficient allocation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources; main types of instruments of environmental policy such as environmental taxes, quotas and direct regulation; long term issues related to sustainable development, and principles and possibilities for international cooperation in the formulation of environmental policy.

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Learning outcome

To provide students with insight into the most important types of environmental and resource problems, nationally and internationally, and to provide them with an understanding of the economic effects of environmental changes and how these are to be valued. The course also aims to provide an understanding of how different types of government policy can be applied to solving environmental and resource problems.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

No prerequisites.


The course will be taught in Norwegian if no English-speaking students attend the course.

2 hours of lectures throughout the semester.

Seminars or work groups, 2 hours per week through parts of the semester.

There will be given a compulsory term paper.


3-hour written school exam. Students are not allowed to present themselves for the written school exam if the compulsory term paper is not passed.

Resources allowed: None


ECON1920 Environment and resources will be taught for the last time spring 2005. There will be arranged an exam autumn 2005 for students who have passed the compulsory term paper spring 2004 or spring 2005. There will be not given any compulsory term paper in the autumn semester.

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Spring 2005 (discontinued after this semester)


Spring 2005 and autumn 2005 (last attempt). There will not be given any compulsory term paper autumn 2005.

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)