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ECON4082 – Oral Exam

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Contact at the Department of Economics if you wish to have the oral exam in February 2016. This will be the last time this course is given. See ECON4091 for information about the new master thesis and oral exam. Given a valid reason, this course might be available after February 2016. Please use the Application form - old oral exam scheme to apply.


This course consists of an individual Oral examination and is the last course in your 2-year master’s programme in Economics. The examination lasts for 45-60 minutes and the examination committee consists of two examiners of whom at least one is an external examiner. Their questions may be taken from the whole field of Economics.

Learning outcome


  • test your general knowledge within the field of economics.
  • asses your ability to participate in an academic discussion about economic topics and problems.

You should be able to

  • demonstrate that you are able to orally present key issues within the field of economics.
  • demonstrate good analytical ability,
  • show that you master the methodical aspects of the discipline and have a good overview of it.



Only students who are admitted to the 2-year master’s programme in Economics and have completed all compulsory and elective courses in the programme (120 ECTS) will be admitted.

The two-step course registration for the oral exam needs to be done the semester you are taking the exam:

1) Registration and semester registration in StudentWeb. The deadline for this is February 1 (spring semester) or September 1 (autumn semester).

2) Written registration for the exam on the Departments confirmation form for the oral exam” must be handed in at the reception (found under the heading Oral examination)



Formal prerequisite knowledge

All compulsory and elective courses in the programme (120 ECTS)


There is no teaching in this course, only an oral examination.


Oral examination

It lasts for 45-60 minutes. The examination committee consists of two examiners of whom at least one is an external examiner. You will be given up to 10 minutes to present the main topics of your master’s thesis. The committee may spend up to 15 minutes asking follow-up questions. The remaining time may be used by the examiners to ask questions form the whole field of Economics.

The dates for the exam is announced on the page for Master's thesis and oral exam. The oral exams is held three times a year and will take place in June, November and February":

Rules for the final oral exam

Examination support material

You are not allowed to bring prepared manuscripts or Power Points for the presentation of your master’s thesis. You may however bring your Master’s thesis.

Language of examination

The examination will be in either English or Norwegian. You choose the language of examination when you sign up for the oral exam on the Department's confirmation form(found under the heading Oral examination)

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

The result of the oral exam is published in StudentWeb and posted on the board on the 12th floor, on the same day as the oral exam takes place.

Explanations and appeals

Resit an examination

Withdrawal from an examination

It is possible to take the exam up to 3 times. If you withdraw from the exam after the deadline or during the exam, this will be counted as an examination attempt.

Special examination arrangements

Application form, deadline and requirements for special examination arrangements.

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Spring and autumn

Please note that this course is the oral exam and that no teaching will be given


Spring and autumn

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No teaching