Syllabus/achievement requirements


I. References

Required textbooks

Dixit, Avinash and Norman, Victor D.: Theory of International Trade: A Dual, General Equlibrium Approach, 1980. Cambridge Economic Handbooks, Cambridge University Press.

Feenstra, Robert C.: Advanced International trade: Theory and Evidence, 2004. Princeton University Press.

Krugman, Paul Rr: Rethinking international trade, 1994. MIT Press. ch. 5, 6.

Krugman, Paul R. : Geography and trade, 1991. MIT Press. all chapters.

Other useful texts (Undergraudate  textbooks)

Krugman and Obstfeld. International Economics: Theory and Policy, 8th ed.

Norman, V. og L. Orvedal. 2010. Næringstruktur og Utenrikshandel. Universitetsforlaget Oslo.

II. Topics and selected reading

Section I. Introduction: Facts and basic methods

1. Trade facts

Krugman, P. 1993. What do undergrads need to know about trade?. AER.May 2003.

Freeman, Richard B.: "Trade Wars: The Exaggerated Impact of Trade in Economic Debate" i 2003. NBER Working paper 10000 here

2. General equilibrium and the gains from trade

DN ch. 1,2,3

Feenstra ch. 1,6,7

Krugman, 1994, ch. 5

3. Technological differences and trade: The Ricardian model

DN ch. 2-4

Feenstra ch 1

Dornbusch, R., S. Fischer, and P. Samuelson. 1977. Comparative Advantage, Trade and Payments in a Ricardian Model with a Continuum of Goods. American Economic Review 67: pp. 823-839.

4. The Specifi…c factor model (Ricardo-Viner)

DN ch. 2, 4

Feenstra ch. 3

5. The Factor endowment model (Heckscher-Ohlin)

DN ch. 2-4

Feenstra ch 2.

Section II: Imperfect competition and the geography of trade

6. Imperfect competition and trade

DN ch. 9

Feenstra ch 5.

Krugman, P.: "Scale Economies, Product Differentiation, and the Pattern of Trade" i American Economic Review 70, 1980. pp 950-959 here

7 Geography, agglomeration and trade

Krugman, P. R., 1990, Geography and trade, MIT Press, 1990

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8. Trade and heterogeneous fi…rms

Bernard, A. B., J. Eaton, B. Jensen, and S. Kortum (2003): “Plants and Productivity in International Trade,”American Economic Review, 93(4), 1268— 1290.

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