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ECON4920 – Economic systems, institutions and globalisation

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The lectures are built around two basic questions: How do different institutions and organizations work? How are they affected by globalization?

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Learning outcome

To answer the first question the course explores the economics of how various modes of production, distribution and social provision work. The lectures and seminars compare the impact of different types of ownership, collective bargaining, and welfare states. They compare property rights versus bargaining rights, the wage economcy versus the share economy, markets versus bureaucracies, law and order versus kleptocracy, democracy versus dictatorships, Social Democratic versus Christian Democratic versus Anglo-American model. The lectures and seminars also discuss how different modes work as a development strategy. To answer the second questions the course explores to what extent economic organizations and systems are affected by globalization. Do economic and political systems converge to a common mode in a globalized world?


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The subject is open for both Norwegian and international students.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Bachelor's degree in Economics, or equivalent.

Overlapping courses

  • 10 credits overlap with ECON4921 – Institutions and Economic Systems
  • 10 credits overlap with ECON485 Økonomiske systemer
  • 10 credits overlap with SØK480 Økonomiske systemer, 3. avd. samfunnsøkonomi
  • 10 credits overlap with SOØ480 Økonomiske systemer, 3. avd. sosialøkonomi


Lectures: 2 hours per week for 13 weeks. Seminars: 2 hours per week for 6 weeks.

Students are stimulated to form informal reading groups. In the seminars the students are trained in oral and written presentations. The seminars are integrated with the lectures and the students will take part, individually and on a group basis, also in the lectures.

The students will throughout the term receive written and oral feedback.

One term paper (not compulsory).


A 3-hour written exam.

Resouces allowed: None.

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Autumn 2004


Autumn 2004

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)