The term paper: Problem 2.

Updated April 3rd; today's version of the Schweder compendium now has exercise 13 back to number "13". In any case, the clickable link in the problem set leads to the appropriate problem

There has been a question on the interpretation of problem 2, which is exercise 13 in the April 3 version of Schweder's compendium.

First part, the result concerning the posterior distribution is found in the problem text -- and it will give you the g function in Schweder p. 35, with the form as in the solution.
So the answer is given, but you are supposed to show this in sufficient detail. (No numerics here.)

Second part, the numerical exercise bit, the MCMC is outlined in Scwheder pp. 35--36 (p. 35 in the old version of the compendium):